Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Serve, Kelsey Talkington. #MUBigBlue

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Serve, Erin Artime. #MUBigBlue

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Another serve for Em Mihalkinan. #MUBigBlue

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Serve, Cassidy Kingery. #MUBigBlue

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Serve, Emily Mihalkinan! #MUBigBlue

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#MUBigBlue VB Seniors Cassidy, Erin, & Kelsey

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It's Senior Night for #MK200 student, Kelsey Talkington. A share of the conference title is on the line! #MUBigBlue

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@mu_tabor professor RJ Podeschi would rather fight a horse-sized duck than 100 duck-sized horses.

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I struggle to share a crazy travel story at the @mu_tabor Mix & Mingle

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Julie Shields, @mu_tabor Chief Chaos Maker, wades through ethical dilemmas with Haley Hogenkamp

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Hannah Haak, Justin Debo, Eric Johnson introduce @mu_tabor student-run venture MUPC #PerformanceLearning

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@mu_tabor student Haley Hogenkamp interviews IS professor Ed Weber

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@mu_tabor professor Dr. Larry Stapleton answers Tabor Advisory Council questions

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@mu_tabor freshman team, Planet Friend, pitches a concept from BU100 #PerformanceLearning

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@mu_tabor students, Daniel, Estafano & Aric, share information about the SLU & MIT competitions they've been working on #Competitions #performancelearning

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@mu_tabor alum, @court_tulak '16, introduces the Agile Teams at the Tabor Advisory Council Mix & Mingle.

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Tabor Advisory Council presents @mu_tabor Mix & Mingle with students and faculty.

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